Augetaway has negotiated individual packages with hundreds of Hotels and Resorts throughout Australia, to provide FREE ACCOMMODATION for 2 people to each holder of an Australian Getaway Reward.

Each Reward which is valued at $2,000 or $5,000 Getaway Dollars, depending on which one you purchased, will entitle your customers to free accommodation for two people at a listed property.

Your client will be able to use each Australian Getaway Reward for many getaways, until the reward value is used up.

When it comes to promoting your business, the difference between success and failure depends on how well you stand out in a crowd. Our method of promotion is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses today. Even if you already have a competitive product or service, you need an attractive incentive that will urge people to act now!

This promotional offer is extremely powerful because the incentives will be given to each and every customer who qualifies. It has a high perceived value at a fraction of the cost - making it a very affordable alternative to discounting your product or service and...

Rewards your customers very handsomely for
choosing you - rather than your competitors.

If you had a choice between two similar products or offers and with one you can receive FREE accommodation for two people and choose from a list of hundreds of Hotels and Resorts throughout Australia, which would you prefer? It's time to try something different, a promotion that will make your business stand out, a promotion that will make people select you over your competitors. Australian Getaway Reward is the answer! It's affordable and it works. If properly promoted, it can potentially double your sales.