Possible Uses of the Australian Getaway Rewards Program

Use our Australian Getaway Rewards Program in your club promotions
    We think you can use our loyalty and rewards program:
  • To increase the response rate on your promotion.
    In your newspaper ad or leaflet state: the first 50 customers will receive a "Free Holiday".
  • For "bonus" prizes on poker machines or bingo "super" prizes!
  • To entice people to hold their functions/celebrations in your restaurant or function room.
  • For raffles or fundraising and lucky door prizes.
  • To encourages members to introduce new members.
    For every new member you introduce you will receive a "Free Holiday".
  • To encourage early settlement or membership renewals.
  • As prizes for sporting events or for badge member special draws.
  • To encourage support from your suppliers.
    "Send an Australian Gateway Rewards (free holiday) to the key person responsible for supplying you goods for your business.
    Next time you will have priority receiving your goods and will be informed about specials ahead of time. You look after me and I will look after you."
  • As a thank you for excellent service or as a reward to your staff.
  • Birthdays and/or seasons greetings for your clients and staff.