See how can you use the Austalian Getaway Rewards Holiday Program in your business

Incentives for Real Estate Industry

  • To capture new customers."Door Opener".
    "If you allow us to evaluate your property we will give a Free Holiday."
  • To close the sale as quickly as possible while the client is "Hot".
  • As a reward for leads - new contacts.
    "Please recommend our Agency to someone who wants to sell their property and you will receive a Free Holiday."
  • As an appreciation gift to your best customers (or all customers) for supporting your business.
    "Send a Free Holiday to your client after the sale of their property."
  • As an incentive for your clients to increase advertising.
  • List your property with us and receive a Free Holiday.
  • To give incentive for attendance to your auction.
  • Birthday and / or seasons greeting for your clients.
  • For property management:
    *Let us manage your property for 6 months and receive a Free Holiday.
    *When tradesmen upset the landlord or the tenant, send the holiday to restore good faith.
    *Send a Free Holiday to the Landlord as a "Thank you" just before contract renewal time.