Possible Uses of the Australian Getaway Rewards Program

Use our Sales Incentive Program for New Clients

You can use our Free Holiday reward to:
  • Capture new customers.
    "If you agree to stock our product, we will give you a FREE*  Holiday"
  • Attract new customer interest in your products or services by offering a FREE* Holiday with their first order.
  • Act as a door opener or ice-breaker.
    "In recognition of allowing us valuable time to present our product/service we would like to reward you with a FREE* Holiday"
  • Give "be backs" a great reason to came back.
  • Act as a lead generator.
  • Reward and incentive for referrals.
  • Give customers incentive to attend your presentations (e.g. new product releases,conventions,etc).
  • Generate new leads at expo's, shows, etc