Possible Uses of the Australian Getaway Rewards Program

For Customer Rewards and Loyalty Sales Program

  • Increase momentum during historically low sales periods.
  • Provide a powerful emotional closing tool to enhance profit levels.
  • Motivate customers to buy now.
  • To close sales as quickly as possible while the client is "hot".
    "If you make a decision now, I will give you a free* holiday"
  • As a tool to sell or promote "slow stock" or use instead of a cash discount.
    "If you buy this computer, printer and software bundle we will give you a free *holiday"
  • This promotion will sell discontinued merchandise.
    "You will receive a free* holiday with the purchase of accessories"
  • Increase closing ratios using this reward.
  • This promotion will sell overstocked merchandise.
    "Buy extra items and you will receive a free* holiday"
  • Increase floor traffic with this promotion.
  • This promotion will sell more profitable warranties.
  • Increase your gross profit.
  • Use to reward clients for accumulative purchase levels.
    "Spend up to $..... now, or over a set period of time, on goods or services and get a free* holiday"
  • Give incentive to your distributors or to your distributors sales people to sell your product.