See how can you use the Austalian Getaway Rewards Holiday Customer Incentive Program

Hundreds of promotional companies offer customer incentive programs in Australia that are designed to envoke an emotional response and motivate people to take a positive action. Today’s continuously changing economy and business environment demands a new breed of incentive programs.

Australian Getaway Reward certificates are very inexpensive and easy to give away, yet they carry a high perceived value, and are often just what is needed to help hesitant prospects become happy customers.
Whether you are a small, medium size or large company, you cannot afford to be without an incentive program. The success of your company depends on whether consumers buy your product or service, and it is in your main interest to motivate them to do so. So, whether your company is small or large, virtually any type of retail, wholesale, manufacturing, internet, service, distributor or direct sales business will benefit from Australian Getaway Rewards.

The formula for success for any business is to attract new customers and get your existing clients to make repeat purchases. Use Australian Getaway Rewards in your incentive programs for:

  • Purchases. This program is based on the number of purchases made by any customer. You could give away Australian Getaway Reward to any customer that makes “x” number of purchases.

  • Dollar Amount. You can ask for a certain dollar amount to be spent before the customer receives the Australian Getaway Reward.

  • Points System. Reward customers a point for every one-dollar they spend. That means customers will spend more money and more frequently on your products or services to get enough points to receive an Australian Getaway.

  • Attract New Clients. You should use incentive programs to attract new clients. You could tell them that when they purchase from you they automatically receive an Australian Getaway Reward.

See how Australian Getaway Reward can be implemented in some samples of business. The way Australian Getaway works in businesses you will read about, are real.  If they can succeed, why not you?  You know you need a better plan, and this is it! These successes may never have happened if these businesses had not made the right choice and followed it up with action!

Please contact your Account Executive for the use of this program in your type of business. Call your account Executive on 02 9211 3721 now and start using the Australian Getaway Reward.