Possible Uses of the Australian Getaway Rewards Program

Increase Business with the help of the best Customer Reward and Incentive Program in Australia

You can use our customer rewards program in the following ways:

  • Use for specials in email, fax or direct mail.
  • Membership renewal or new membership.
    "When you renew your membership or introduce a new member, we will give you a FREE* Holiday"
  • Bonus for renewing service contracts or subscriptions.
  • Use Australian Getaway as a gift for upgrading service or products.
  • Great gift for new accounts opened.
  • Use Australian Getaway as a gift with car test drives.
  • Use as thank you for customer loyalty - increase customer satisfaction.
  • Use this promotion as an incentive to existing customers spending more money in your business.
  • Use Australian Getaway as a reward for "leads" - new business.
  • It will help to encourage support form your suppliers.
  • Birthday and season greetings to your clients.