See how you can use the Austalian Getaway Rewards Holiday Program in your business!

Customer Incentive Programs that help with Car Sales

Use our incentive program to:
  • Increase the response rate on promotions.
    "Buy a sportswagon and receive a Free Holiday"
    "Test Drive our Cars and receive a Free Holiday"
  • Encourage the sale of accessories.
    E.g. Stereo, Bullbars, Seatcovers
  • Get your prospective customers to come back to you.
    How many times have you told prospective buyers:"We will match any other car yard's price, if you come back."
    But why would they come back? Now you can tell them:"If you come back, we will not only match the price but we will give you a Free Holiday."
  • Encourage a new car buyer to come back to you for service.
    "We will give you a Free Holiday if you bring you car here for its first service"
  • Attract old customers with a mail out.
  • Close the sale as quickly as possible while the client is "Hot".
    "If you make a decision now, I will give you a Free Holiday."
  • Reward new client referrals/leads.
  • Act as a door opener or ice breaker.